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Summit of Time Starts Today

Right now actually. The events of the day are starting up in a few minutes, and you can catch all of that and what's going on this weekend in the post down below.


So first up is going to be some random matches that don't count for anything, followed by the group battle. You can scope all of that out here. That's the link for the group stages, the random match opener, the Rock, Paper Scissors Championship (where people will play Rock, Paper, Scissors) and the Commentator Crew Battle (where the commentators on the crew will battle....in Mortal Kombat (the game, not in real life Mortal Kombat)). For some reason, they haven't posted pools for that old school vs. new school thing, or even explained what it is or who is playing and what game is it on. So that'll be a surprise for tomorrow.

As for Mafia, if you haven't seen previous Summits, this is kind of a staple. The basic idea is half of the house is split into townspeople, while the other half are mafia members. Then in a serious of voting rounds, you need to try and suss out who is on the other team and convince everyone to vote and get them out of town. It's fun and you get to see who can make those real life reads and who is just guessing.

You can catch that using the Twitch link below. Everything is running through Sunday, so if you'll have plenty of opportunities to catch something if you can't watch today.



Honneybee has been disqualified from Summit of Time and thrown out of the competition for a "altercation" with another player... he has made a brief statment about it on twitter.,'

I made a mistake and broke the Summit of Time rules. I got into an altercation with another player. It was my fault, and I take full responsibility for my actions. They have disqualified me from the event for my misconduct, and unfortunately I won't be able to participate in the bracket today. I understand this was necessary. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to all my fans, the rest of the players at the event, Summit / BTS and beastcoast. I promise to learn from this mistake and that it won't happen again.
Did you see the Erron Mirror with Sonic and Hayitie (or whoever that is spelt) that was so hype. MK11 is just such a great game... I can't wait till everyone is more into it and knows what is up. Combo Breaker pools is going to be lit with all the people playing different stuff.
People with sense know why Honeybee was punished.

Though, I'm surprised Honeybee has a back bone!

When is top 8?

Also, I'm loving Sonic Fox's Erron Black. Call me a dick sucker if you want to project, but the guy plays the game in an entertaining fashion. Plus, he's the best. :DOGE:DOGE
People with sense know why Honeybee was punished.

Though, I'm surprised Honeybee has a back bone!
you mean because he tried to prove dvorah's assumed brokenness, even to the point where he might have not played optimal but used whiffing moves to show them? and if so, why would the narrative that even honeybee himself spreads be that he started a fight?
The commentators are blowing Scar up for switching to Erron when these matches are extremely close and he's actually doing very well. Imo that's a bad look. He lost by like 15% due to whiffing a fatal blow on a read -- had nothing to do with character knowledge and his Erron seems fine.

It's early days of the game, may as well get all the experience you can get.
Can you elucidate for the rest of us?
I was just speaking based off what I read in his confession. He came across like Tweedy (a guy who puts his tail between his legs when confronted with conflict). Nice to know he had some testosterone to grind the gears. That's all. Some of these players seem to take the game far too seriously. Competitive gaming is not the same as competitive sports.
This is an epic run by DJT. Interesting to watch because he doesn't have every little conversion and punish maximized like some of the other guys, but DJT's strength as always is making amazing reads on what other players will do. Fantastic.
I think DJT will take this one. He adapts well in longer sets. Fox is good too but I'm not sure he wants it as much.
Seems to be that the players with the best defense are more successful so far. Makes sense with offense being toned down. Djt is on another level with grab breaks. Sonic too, and Jacquis ability to turn that into her own throw makes her insane.