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Strategy - Covert Ops Sub and Kitana

OK, let me preface this by saying I'm a total scrub. I'm trying to get better though! I picked up Sonya because she seemed like a good character to git gud at the basics with (and she's not super dependent on run cancels which I suck at) and I took covert because I love parries.

I think I've gotten fairly good by online scrub standards, but I'm having a lot of trouble whenever I face Sub-Zero or Kitana. Sub's clone makes my normal methods of getting in close worthless and on the rare occasion that I get past Kitana's fans she can usually outpoke me.

Any tips for dealing with these characters? Do I just have to git gud?


Those two are covert ops Sonya natural predators,

Only advice for both is patience is a virtue, you've got to change your rush down tactics and make them come to you.


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I can help you out with both if you add me, as far as kitana goes be smart when you divekick and when you knock her down try and bait her wake because kitana's like to wake up alot. With sub you can outzone him full screen so if you are at full screen make him work for it.