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Stuffing Wake-Ups With Blue Beetle from Deoxys


Confused Thanagarian
News Editor

Blue Beetle. Objectively the top character in the game ever since Rewind sometimes used him and won EVO. With a character this objectively broken, what more can be done to make him overpowered beyond belief? TSS Deoxys has got that tech.

In his almost latest video, Deoxys goes over options Blue Beetle has to deal with some of the more frustrating WUs in the game, like Wonder Woman's Up Shield and Starfire's everything. The timing isn't universal, but it seems like once you get it, you get it. The important thing is to take note of which WUs can beat this, so you don't get cocky and start J3'ing everything.

For more Blue Beetle tech, go follow Deoxys on Twitter for updates on his next vid. He is pretty active on the Youtubes, so you can be sure to see a pretty frequent stream of content.



Up rock incoming, ETA 5 minutes
I can't watch it at the moment but I urge those who say this game lacks depth to check out these sorts of videos. I've spent hours and hours working on oki with wakeups in mind and there's still so much more to find and improve upon. There's a lot of varied wakeups in the game and it completely changes how you pressure on knockdown in various matchups. Mind games for days.