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[Stream Schedule] - East Coast Throwdown 2019 - OCT. 19-20 (MK11 Pro Tour)

ETC kicks off tomorrow, the second to last stop on the MK11 Pro Tour. Check out the schedule here!



ECT 2019 - Schedule and Stream Details @SmashGG
Coordinated Universal Time -4
(UTC / GMT / BST / IST) - 4

  • Big D is making his pro tour casting debut at ETC
  • Variation 3 is valid (Konfirmed by DarthArma)
  • Terminator is not valid. (Konfirmed by DarthArma)
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Super hype for this.

Wish I could have gone since this is in my hometown but travel budget for this year went towards DTN.
I guess signups are over but I might make the couple hour drive out to spectate. Should be worth it, if only to play all those sick arcade setups
I'm not sure I can not find a caster guide.. but I know Big D is going to be on the mic and that Darth Arma is also going to be there.

What happened to KP doing commentary?
Didn't KP get like salty on doing NRS commentary because they didn't want him for the pro-league for whatever behind the scenes reason?
I dunno. But if he spat the dummy that might explain the freeze out. I loved his commentary but you gotta be professional at all times as you are basically the public face of a company.. As tweedy found out.