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Starfire will be a top tier zone control character


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She doesn't seem like a true zoner -- more of a hybrid space control character. She may still have to get in on the real zoners to play her game against them.

But it seems like she has a good tool for every range, which would make her frustrating to play against in the hands of a good player :D
Look at my twitter. She can trade wth high shot high shot. Or beat high shot to riffle from full screen. She has tools to compete with deadshot.
So, was I right about this? At least from the way I see people playing Starfire so far (and from the early MU discussion), I think I might have been correct :D
I do know that, but also know I can eat a Superman MB laser that way too
That's why you crouch block and immediately stand block on reaction to the sweeping laser. Not hard, even online. Stand blocking is a good way to get chipped to death from straight laser.