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Spawn Gameplay Reveal Konfirmed to be March 8th at Final Kombat!

Official NRS social media put out the trailer for Final Kombat, revealing that the Mortal Kombat Legends: Scorpions Revenge red band trailer, and the Spawn gameplay reveal trailer will both be showcased at the event! Creator of Spawn, Todd McFarlane as well as Spawns VA Keith David will be in attendance. NRS also added "And More", so there could be some other MK related surprises March 8th!
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My question is whether there will be more than just those 3 characters for KP2. I hope beyond hope those 3 just happened to be the only KP2 characters far enough along in development to have files in the game that early on, and we end up with another 6-character KP.
There will be at least 6 more characters for sure, no doubt about it.