Soul Calibur V - Shao Kahn vs Dark Raiden

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    Another "Create-A-Soul" formula with not only two exceptionally well-made created characters but also a very entertaining battle. As you'll see esepcially at the :56 mark in this video, the character portrayed as Shao Kahn has moves that could easily realistically fit him in a Mortal Kombat game. Dark Raiden is also very well done while he is a combination of his Mortal Kombat Deception style mixed with Mortal Kombat 9 - Check it out!

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  2. 1man3letters

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    haha good stuff,
    thats what kahn would prop look like if put him throught the sf4 engine
  3. pherleece

    pherleece Woolay

    i need to make those
  4. Z-911-Z

    Z-911-Z Bone and Metal

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    I mained my Shao Kahn in SCIV. XP
  5. Faded Dreams V

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    Shao Kahn sure let himself go.
  6. Gesture Required Ahead

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    That Shao Kahn looks more accurate that the Devil Jin Shao Kahn I made.
  7. needs more shoulder charge
  8. GNG Iniquity

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    That's not a giant mallet; it's a big ass drumstick! Shao Kahn really let himself go! I enjoy Raiden being slathered with chicken grease.
  9. SunnyD

    SunnyD 24 Low Hat!

    Maaaan if Shao Kahn's hammer was that big in MK9 then his xray would be unavoidable lol.
  10. KH_Captain

    KH_Captain Nightwolf wannabe

    this is the first thing i've seen that actually makes this game look good. I love it.
    btw is kilik in this game, and is that what raiden is based on.
  11. DarkRaiden

    DarkRaiden Noob

    Daamn ah ah he looks so cool!!! Raiden<3
  12. NobilityV3

    NobilityV3 Smalls deep.

    Great news post.
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  13. axeman87

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    Mr Zobo
    Aww... I sure do miss staff wielding Raiden from MKDA & MKD.

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