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SOON™ - Mortal Kombat 11 Kombat Pack – Official Roster Reveal Trailer

With the DLC trailer coming tomorrow, NRS has put up a countdown video on Youtube. The DLC has possibly leaked as well, so beware if you are trying to avoid spoilers.


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The only thing Joker is good for(for me), is to give me a taste of Injustice 3, now that NRS a nailing movesets personality for each character.
it looks like at the very least the 3rd and 4th character have ironclad release dates, but it's far too difficult for me to parse any of the text. At the very least, it looks like there's a month put down for every character
Yo im super stoked on Sindel, Spawn and even puts up shield Joker. I just hope he isn't copy pasted from Injustice. I know he will probably be similar at this core but I didn't really like him in either Injustice games.

Too bad no Ash though, that was one that had be very excited too.
The Joker makes a lot of sense since the movie comes in October.

Imagine the "Mature" possibilities. Full crowbar please.

Also, we'll still get Ash in Kombat Pack 2, so no problemo.
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They are going to make an absurd amount of money off Joker. Especially with the insane amount of Comic news sites that are going to give them free advertising.