Sonya's Fatalities

Discussion in 'Sonya' started by sadistic_beauty, Aug 10, 2010.

  1. I would want Sonya's Compactor Kiss Fatality (the one with the purple energy) to return from MK3. I couldn't do it in MK3 so I hope I'll be able to perform it in MK 2011.
  2. Shadowman

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    That fatality was pretty lame, sorry! Come to think of it, I only liked her in MK1. I also liked her Energy Rings in MKvsDC. Ya, not much of a Sonya fan. She should get a brutal fatality.
  3. Tim Static

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    Its called Salsa (figure it out) and it was uber easy to do.

    MK1 Sonya was broken but UMK3 Sonya was the best. <3 Kerri
  4. Sonya should do her Kiss of Death first, incinirating the opponent. Then, she should do a powerful ring toss at the buring victim, making his body explode.
  5. i think one of her fatality will be from mk4 where she grabs opponent by the legs and rips them in two pieces:popcorn:
  6. MKF30

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    Yeah, that was confirmed a few months ago ^ but revamped. I bet it looks far better now! Can't wait!

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