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Sonya Blade Official Combo Guide V.1


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Ok so something is not right ... You guys are getting 431 in the corner but im getting 410.... did they nerf here damage orrr am i missing something?

im doin b123 33 123 db2 amp 333 bf4 - 410.... wut
don't do 33 string, do 3 as a single hit, so the most optimal i've found in corner is: b123, standing3 (not 33), standing 3, standing 3, 333db2 amplified, 333d4. Damage: 439


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I am really liking AMP db2 in midscreen combos, it can add a lot of damage:

b123, f4, 333 xx db2 AMP, 33 bf2 for 389.28 damage
b123, f4, 333 xx db2 AMP, 33 bf2 AMP for 401.89 damage
b123, f4, 333, xx db2 AMP, 33 bf4 for 372.48 damage

It adds a decent amount of damage compared to her meterless midscreen options. I love that she does similar damage to other character's KB combos.


Sonya can also combo off a jump kick, I knows it's not ideal but sometimes if get the jump kick I then follow it with an amplified soaring general ( you have to equip it) takes approximately 215 for 3 hits. It's also a nice air combo.
I found this combo by seeing AI connect a Ji3 with (Air) ops drop down. The timing is a little tricky. (Got to grab their leg by delay a bit after the kick).
Here is the combo:
Ji3, D+L1 Amp, dc F4, 333, BF2 (~340 dmg).

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I got it by quick dash cancel after B123 into F4 (not sure if it's require, but it help), and then wait, then 333.
I got it now without dashing, i just needed to be quicker with the F4. I will try with DC as it can be more easier to time it right.

Thanks for you help guys :)


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Anyone else not able to do the 2222 end of the string. Maybe it’s just me being on pad but it ain’t gonna happen for me lol