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Something that should be mentioned in Ermac's Guide


These are maxed out combo situations that work faithfully with little risk of failure on all characters except Shang, Sonya, Liu Kang, and Sheeva. Adjustments are required for the slightly lesser damage combos on the specific opponents mentioned with usage of one less HP, or a fireball instead of a JK at the end, downgrading the combos by about 15%
You should mention that OTG Pop-up off a TKS is NOT do-able versus Shang Tsung. I was playing yesterday doing a little randper and the other dude got Shang while I got Ermac and I tried to do OTG Pop-Up and only the knee hits and the uppercut whiffs.


Yeah I believe there was a thread mentioned on the "sure fire way" to show Ermac holding the Scorpion axe by going for the otg on Shang. I'll add it now.