Some Enchantress Fix Ideas

Discussion in 'Enchantress' started by Andnyal_, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    slicing athame (back 2) - make the hitbox accurate so it doesn't whiff on jumping opponents

    Xibalba strke strike (forward 3) - make the hitbox accurate so it doesn't whiff

    sweeping athame (jump 2) - make the hitbox accurate so it doesn't whiff on jumping opponents

    ancient ritual (1,2) make the hitbox accurate so it doesn't whiff on opponents in the air

    evil essence (2,3) remove the nerf to the unblockable damage scaling. she already did barely 300 for it now she barely hits 200

    hells gate (Bf 1)- make enchantress be able to combo of a reflection projectile so that it doesn’t interrupt if she gets a hit before the projectile hits

    xibalba- improve the hitbox of the explosion

    xibalba: demoinc guard- improve the hitbox so that moves don't hit or move through him

    xibalba demonic sacrifice- increase the hitbox

    Things That shouldn't go through xibalaba:
    - catwomans catdash
    - starfires tamaranean charge
    - atoms fermion fury
    - robins assassin strike
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  2. kcd117

    kcd117 Noob

    Maybe the hitboxes are accurate and they are meant to be that way.
    First time they fixed what wasn't broke we had supergirl, last time we had firestorm. Idk but she feels perfectly fine and needs no fixes/buffs.
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  3. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    So even though the sword will go completely through the opponent it shouldn’t hit... not like the tip of the sword but the whole sword
  4. Flamelurkr

    Flamelurkr Noob

    Yo if she could reflect starfires trait, starfire would never be used again lol would it send a projectile for each hit a or would it send one? because that would be hilarious to see in match
  5. kcd117

    kcd117 Noob

    I don't know which move u are talking about, but if it is not supposed to anti air then no, it shouldn't, especially considering she already has a very good d2 for that purpose.
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  6. I thought this char needed nerfs? strong af?
  7. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    @Eldriken can you please edit the title of this thread to say "balance whine" so that it accurately reflects the topic?
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  8. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    It would act like supergirl when she does meterburn trait. The first hit will reflect but the ones following after wont
  9. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    I wrote the moves down b2 and 12 and jump 2 all the sword attacks have inaccurate hit boxes. The sword will go completely through the opponent and not hit
  10. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    So if a character has moves that completely go through the opponent and not hit it should just stay in the game... that’s whining... grow up and stop an annoyance to make you life seem better
  11. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    Many players put her in the b tier category so no
  12. I never know wtf spell that ho did so i panic and lose
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  13. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Ask me about my Jade agenda

    Let's not shut down entire characters. I'm all for making characters better where they are lacking but the Starfire matchup is a 5-5. What I really think Enchantress needs is more solid tools. The zombie and the curses are nice in a way but they aren't really reliable in my opinion.
    Enchantress' main issue is that she's random af. And yeah, fix her whiffing issues.
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  14. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    Maybe the reflect doesn’t matter but enchantress needs aggressive neutral which is some doesn’t have at all
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  15. GLoRToR

    GLoRToR Ask me about my Jade agenda

    Frankly, I think it's not even just the neutral. It's that she has all those tools which are "good but".
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  16. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    none of what you just said changes the fact that you want less damage scaling and better hitboxes all over the character, making this indeed a balance whine thread and not a fix thread at all
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  17. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan I'm platinum mad!

    They should make it so her j2 off the Gorilla City antelope is even more ambiguous.
    Ideally, I want to believe I'm being cleaved by an abstract painting.
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  18. God Confirm

    God Confirm We're all from Earthrealm. If not, cool pic brah.

    do you select the color before typing or do you highlight the text when your done
  19. Cursa

    Cursa Counterpoke with armoured DB2 at all times.

    A good chunk of these aren't fixes, but buffs. Decreased damage scaling on anything is a direct buff.

    Like new move? There's maybe 3 characters in the game who might deserve a new move, and even then they should probably be buffed in other ways.

    200 for an unblockable move that's a pseudo mixup is already pretty good, especially off a string that restands anyway. It's just an option.

    Can't say much on the whiffing stuff but Enchantress just feels solidly mid tier to me imo. Pretty strong footsies, decent counter zoning, good anti-airs and jump in's, and good HTB's post knockdown.
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  20. @MylesWright_

    @MylesWright_ I'll be back 3ing

    So Xibalba walking through a cornered opponent and blowing up offscreen is intentional?
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  21. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    Lol so reversing a nerf to an unblockable combo setup that you can walk out of or mash out of that’s gets no damage now is whining

    Do I have to show a video compilation of her sword going completely through the opponent so you can see for yourself cause clearly you’re not intelligent enough to think about without someone holding your hand
  22. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    First I’m not saying other characters don’t need buffs I merely suggested something that would help her with aggressive neutral without being broken

    Second most of what I said were Hitbox fixes... I only said decrease scaling on like 2 things and 1 was reversing a nerf they did to her for no reasoning behind it

    Third the unblockable already does 130 by itself and the only way to combo off of the unblockable is by using your trait... so you’re telling me that even if I use my trait a bar of meter actually it’s 2 bars of meter because you have to setup iceblock to get a true unblockable setup and even with abackground bounce that I still shouldn’t be able to get past 250? Even though you can mash out of the unblockable and once enchantress takes a hit or is in block stun that she cannot make xibalba unguard. And it’s not a mix up because you can always option select and grab if she does 2,1 or 2,3 THROUGH XIBALBA.

    There’s a reason why competitive players put enchantress in the B tier... she lacks aggressive neutral, she lacks damage output for the meter she uses, she a read heavy character if you read wrong you get punished a lot, she has no true mix maybe when xibalba is out but not without him, she loses to characters if she can’t reflect something that’s a ranged attack, attacks whiff on the opponent because they have a sweet spot in the air where the sword doesn’t hit them even though it goes through them
  23. kcd117

    kcd117 Noob

    I have never seen that happen, what I have experienced is only the overhead part whiffing and it depends on spacing xibalba correctly, it is not like it whiffs on random ocasions, only when he is stopped too close to the opponent in the corner, but still the second hit connects.

    Now back on topic, making her unblockable setup guaranteed is not fine, it is i guessing game the way it is and the risk reward is in her favor. She has options to punish people trying to slip out of it.
    And About the sword moves whiffing, that is not true at all, b2 hits people in the air if you time correctly, 12 is not supposed to be an anti air so I don't see she issue here but it still hits people out of their jumps (otherwise you could blow up the gap simply by jumping) and j2 purpose is to be her ambiguous jump in (and is one of the best in the game at that) and it still can hit people out of the air.
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  24. Marlow

    Marlow Premium Supporter
    Premium Supporter

    Hitboxes can sometimes be tough to balance with animations, especially on far reaching narrow animations like swords/staff/tails.

    Could you please post a clip of what you're referring to with the sword animations?
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  25. Andnyal_

    Andnyal_ Noob

    Who said you use 1 2 to anti air it’s called a juggling move... second the only way to guarantee an unblockable is to let xibalba go before the explosion that means she doesn’t get a full combo just the 130 from the unblockable

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