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Question - Smoke Smoke Strategy?

I've recently decided to become a triborg specialist. I've played Sektor for a couple months now and I've decided to learn smoke next before moving on to Cyrax and then CSZ. Back to the subject at hand, I know the gist of smoke's vortex, however, I'm at a loss at what to do fullscreen. The fade port and the ex-fade port are *super* punishable on block so I don't like to throw those out. And if I'm being zoned out, particularly by Kenshi, the opponent usually catches me with his fullscreen moves before I can throw out my B21. How do you guys get it? And also in the GM Sub-Zero match up, how do you deal with the Ice Clones? Thanks in advance guys.


Kenshi (Balanced): low profile his BF3 and punish him with bomb or EXbomb (depends on distance) or EXport for a combo punish. Also it's possible to phase through his teleattacks and following up with B21/F13 etc. for full combo punish.

Grandmaster Sub: Don't pick Smoke :D


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Just duck teleflurry and then EX teleport punish, it's -46 on whiff. Then start doing the 2nd most (soap bar in my mouth) vortex in the game (1st is Jacqui's)


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GM is not impossible to get past , use b21 to stay midscreen and if you get cornered blow up his throw and low options with smokes great d1 , be careful with his b2 , there ain't a solid way to punish it with a clone in front you . GM may destroy smoke in the corner but smoke wrecks him just as bad midscreen