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Video/Tutorial Smoke Gameplay & Fatality.


Fujin and Ermac for MK 11
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This was already posted yesterday dude as one of the updates/articles, in the smoke forum :)
Old. But still very underwhelming. Another 'clone' cahracter as far as I can see. Teleports, anyone...?

Accentuates the point of the game needing the likes of Kahn and Goro playable; if for nothing else, to add some spice to the versus play of the game. If SFIV was 'boring' for all its plague of Shotos and poke-heavy gameplay, MK2011 will be literally soporific if all we can expect is projectile / dash-attack / teleporters bout after bout.
Stop accentuating the negative.

Smoke looks boss. He is basically keeping his moveset while gaining new moves as well