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Small change to her Air Bugs i would love to see

Imo they should ascend slower once they are above character height.

I was playing arround with her Air Bugs and while you can get a combo of her B34 (when you place it right behind em and they are at shoulders height). But most of the stuff i found can be done by DF3 too.

So by decreasing the ascending speed at a certain height we could get bigger windows of using em without hurting the ground game (they would still block enemy for the same time so nothing changes here). This way you might be able to back throw your enemy into a Air Bug (atm not possible) or use the AMP Air bug to combo into B34 (enemy hits the middle bug) into UC and he hits the first bug into something else.

It still would be lots of setup (which should be rewarded if executed well imo) and mostly not useable in real Fights but it atleast would be super rewarding and more doable than it`s current Version :3