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Slump Days

Is it normal to go through some severe slump days? I'm probably just a 'good' player in MK11 where I go 50/50 with my wins and losses in both Kasual and Kombat League. But my God have I hit a slump this season. I've been on like a 6 fight losing streak where I'm just playing bad. Letting go of block mid string, not pushing buttons to finish combos, accidentally pushing buttons. Maybe this is normal for players to go through though. How do peope deal with this? Thanks in advance.
I feel you man, it sucks when you're on a major losing streak like that. I've had some tough losses over the years, and let me assure you it's perfectly natural. Best thing you can do is take some time off, relax, and jump back in. Things turned around for me personally when I started taking notes while watching replays of my losing matches. It gives you a real insight into what you're doing that's not so great and how you can improve on that.