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Discussion in 'Quan Chi' started by TheW1tchDoctor, Jul 21, 2011.

  1. Would it not be in quans best interest to skeletal boost at every safe opportunity. Possibly after a combo string that sent the opponent flying or something? I don't play him (yet) but I've been researching a bit. Would it not be plausible to complete a string on your opponent with the intention of sending them away from you, and then skeletal boosting ASAP to provide a boost as you re-enter battle? I do know that the boost goes away once you block or get hit, but would it not work well?

    EDIT: DAMMMNNN IITTT!!! I just found on mku that nothing can cancel into boost.... lame as hell. F YOU NRS!
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    only safe way ive found to enter SB is after trace teleport behind the opponent back dash once then activate SB, your opponnent will still have to take a few steps as your etering SB and you will be at a full screen distance
  3. Damn. Thats unfortunate cause that means you gotta pick between a boost that will likely not get you anywhere, and a full combo.
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    Best use of skeletal boost, as of now, is when you win a match and wanna turn pink at the Finish Him! I think someone was saying you can EX Skull and power boost while they're staggering, but I haven't tested it. The move as of now is useless IMO, because even if you block a move it disappears.
  5. Apparently the stagger doesn't actually leave enough time for the boost to be safe. a teleporter will get you for sure, and if they are quick i bet they can put a projectile on screen before you get outta the recovery frames.
  6. actually there's a way...if you end a combo with 1,1,2, that sends him pretty far away, and immediatly do the boost, most of the cast, except for fast teleporters and similar crap, will not be able to stop you. Too bad tough it doesn't have more uses, whenever u manage to get the boost it puts a lot of pressure on the opponent, much like JC's xr, they generally just stand there blocking or the get very aggressive fearing a 70-80% combo!!
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    Instead of doing a 12% 1,1,2 and sending them across the screen thus entering the zoning game again, you are far far better off just doing the f12 trance combo and finishing with an sky drop for a reset and a crossup opportunity than hoping for a possible combo with a skeletal boost active, that gets removed on hit/block.

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