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Sindel Render


Even though I'm not a fan of the revenant skins I have to admit Sindel manages to pull it off. I think she looks pretty badass.
yeah, because she is naturally some kind of evil-Elvira, so, was the only one that revenant looks fitted naturally, she looks like some high power demon goddess, sinister witch or something with, hehe .... however, we want her to have her natural edenian skin, because Sindel is even prettier with her natural look , hehe :D
The range of possibility with Sindel is cosmic.

She had confusing leg kicks that went from low to overhead before but she may just have tons of one or the other and a special to mix. I'd be fine with gaped plus frames or staggers and maybe number of hit mix.

Hair attacks:
They could give her a special move that has massive range that's a high or low? She could have normals that include her hair adding range or just good range.

Could be a restand, combo extender, frame trap or a popup.

Air fireball and projectiles:
She could be the best zoner of all with:
  • Low fireball From ground
  • tripple fireball from air hitting low or mid
  • air fireball that instantly sends her into the air from ground throwing a mid that when amped does 3.
Footsie based Queen:
What if she has more range than scarlet with 13-16f mids that advance and what if she has meterless combos that keep the opponents grounded. Low profiling kicks that reach as far as Johnny?

Well Rounded:
This is what I want, good pokes, good mids 11-14f mids, very good range with mid starters that are 18f or less on startup maybe a low starter that has decent range. Solid projectiles maybe air mid projectile, a low fireball that's slower on startup 25f, a high projectiles that has her go low ducking highs like she spins to the ground shooting a projectile from heels hair or walks on all fours like a spider and shoots out a scream projectile.

Will she have Teleport?
Im hoping she isn't another Cetrion but more footsie based because I enjoy that style the most and having a teleport could be used for counter zoning instead oof gaining ground to zone.
Hmm so they show off Nightwolf's boot but a full render of Sindel? Wonder who's next DLC then hrm…

But yeah she looking good, not in a full bodysuit so... ;)
Why don’t we just say “character model” instead of “render” though? Render makes it sound like it’s just a graphic or something. But this is most definitely her full in-game model. Probably even a win pose.
No one can have skins that bad. No one.
A skin tight camo suit I could have gone with. They came sorta close to that, but didn't.

The space suit one...when I first saw it I thought in the story she'd be in space sometime, but nope. It never appears.

And then her third outfit....is just a small variation on her first. The ultimate laziness.

And if MK11 is going the "real" route so much, they should understand that female bodies have different shapes and so forth. MK11 females I think all got the same body type...in MK9 they did too I suppose, but it was more interesting since the costuming was better.

Even Sindel is using the same bod...the hope lies in her outfitting. And the default at least looks good...the skin factor is the same as Skarlet has got. Skarlet and Kitana's are the limits for skin factor in MK11 I think.
Not a fan of revenants, but I'm sure her other skins will be ok. Excited for her. She was the first character I was drawn to in MK9 before I discovered she was complete ass.
Sindel's the character I'm most looking forward too, I really haven't found a main in 11 but whatever the queen's playstyle, I'm putting the work in.