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Shimmering Stone Available in 1 Fight Tower

So if you've looked at the Towers of Time at all, you noticed the blank section where you can use a "tower key" to summon up an awesome tower with a lot of rewards. Well, to go with the recent patch for the Towers to make them more fun, one of the new towers up is offering up a Shimmering Stone to conjure up one of those super duper towers.


So it's up for the next 5 hours. At which point, you should be able to use the Shimmering Stone whenever. If you want to use your AI for all of this, you can, but having just ran through both towers before posting this, they are noticeably more doable. The rewards for the 1 fight Shimmering Stone tower gets you some Cassie gear on top of everything else. The super duper tower you unlock gets you a lot of currency and some skins, with individual fights paying out better with the recent patch. As a recommendation, make sure you use a Philosopher's Stone consumable for the super duper tower (before a fight, pick it under the Whole Tower consumable menu) to cash in even more. And as a warning, the super duper tower is only up for an hour, so make sure you have time to finish that tower before you use it.