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Sheeva and RoboCop Kombat Kast TOMORROW 3PM CDT


Wait, what? That was it? and the augments?


Some minor change to Rapid and Heroic Towers, now modifiers affect both players.
Robocop beats Terminator already based on this. Sheeva looks great, but I do have 3 wishes and at least 2 that just need to happen for her to beat Goro as my favourite playable Shokan:
  • grab like Robocop & Jax where she can hit with the other 2 arms
  • punchwalk as a regular move, not only for FB
  • a crazy fast arms move, think a child who keeps knocking on a door with both arms ;)

Raiden buffs! Skarlet and Shao buffs.. I am pleased.

Sheeva looks actually very interesting.

RoboCop gets easy fat damage of pressing 3 buttons. his setup variation is somewhat interesting,
and why the hell is he so huge? he made Kano look like a midget lol

Stephanie said that they are happy with the meta the way it is and not to expect many changes.. that part bums me out a little,
I want to see the patch notes to get a better idea of it tho..
So they more or less said that the patch is going to be smaller ball changes and no real gameplay tweaks. That's a shame because I was really hoping they would take a more aggressive approach to a year 2 update.

Let's see how the armor changes shapes the game.
The meta is in decent shape but the systems are not. I'm gonna be a little surprised if those go untouched - adding armor breaks is a drop in the bucket imo.
I'm interested to see how that plays out, since some characters have more armor breaking moves than others. but yeah that's a change for sure..

Also, was it just me or did Tyler imply that the patch might not be dropping with the expansion or was he referring to the patch notes?