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Shao Kahn predictions and guesses

Some people are saying Shao Kahn will defeat Kotal Kahn in story mode, and yet somehow I feel the opposite will happen. One of those wtf moments like when Sindel killed half the roster.
Kotal will be klapping his cheeks in time, trust me, if not in story mode, then it's gonna be me in practice mode.

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Kotal will be klapping his cheeks in time, trust me, if not in story mode, then it's gonna be me in practice mode.
My man Kotal got jobbed to Kung Jin in MKX and even did the honors in his own trailer for MK11. I have little hope of him overcoming the true OG Kahn.

I love both characters, but Kotal really won me over in MKX.

As far as Shao Kahn's playstyle, it's definitely going to be heavily based on his hammer. Obviously a lot of high damage, slower attacks. Hopefully his Up Shoulder returns as a good anti-air. Has to have some sort of command grab, as well. I'd also like for him to have the ability to talk shit mid-match. Each taunt refills his life bar/grants extra damage/drains opponent's meter.


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Core movements:
Charging Spikes
Wrath Hammer Attack
Hammer Throw
Uplifting Knee

Light Spear
Hammer Swing
Hammer Cut
Hammer Dance

Explosive Ball
Emperor's Shield
Mystic Choke


Shao Kahn is back!
I just want Kahn to be hard to play so not everyone picks him up and it actually requires skill to play him. I feel like so far all they have said about each character is that they are "easy to pick up".

I want Kahn to hit hard but require skill.


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  1. He's going to have a move that functions and looks pretty much the same as Atrocitus' projectile shield (that he can active while Dex Starr is out) with the exception that it's green.
  2. He's going to have "God Smack" (might be named something different) where he can leap across the screen at various set distances and smashes down with his hammer.
  3. Will have a command grab that has him pick up the opponent and headbutt them away. This will have a Krushing Blow and will allow you to do what is basically his MK9 X-Ray.
  4. Has a projectile but it's not the best.
  5. General gameplan is to be a brawler and everyone will find him to be super hype until they realize his framedata is kinda wacky, so you will slowly see him disappear from online.
  6. Someone will make Top 8 with him at a tournament, spawning tons of arguments on whether or not he's good. Some will say "He's low tier! Buff him!" while others say "He's mid tier and that's completely fine!"


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I think he's gonna have taunts in his moveset. Like, he hits you with a string and while you're on the ground he says "You suck!"
His Fatal Blow startup attack is gonna be the bullshit MK Shaolin Monks hammer spin
His spear is his standard projectile attack and Kahn will use it in other attacks as well


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1) Broken tier at low-to-intermediate skill levels, but, easily exposed by high level players (a Goro / Darkseid / Jason type of character)

2) May be more "sorcerer-y" in his move-set this time around (he's actually a sorcerer behind the macho gimp superficies)

3) Taunts may be incorporated into his actual combat, as distinct from being a separate special ability, in line with the more talkative nature of the chars. in recent NRS offerings (laughter may still be a dedicated special, however)

4) Like 90% of the roster, he may be given a teleport (and it would actually make some sense for him to have... being a sorcerer)

5) Will cause actual rage quitting online

PS: I'd actually be okay with him playing completely different from the other combatants -- e.g., no jumping (Shao Kahn ninja-flipping through the air just seems... weird), rather, teleportation and armour on shoulder charges etc.; slow, but, most normals and specials stagger opponents with heaps of +frames...
Armored...shoulder charges? DOOMSDAY. IS THAT YOU?

I could only hope that'd be the case. I like your theories. =D

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I think Shao will lose to Kotal, but I expect Armageddon to be replayed - at least the ending of it, with Shinnok finally taking a role. I'm not sure how the timelines will be repaired, but aren't there two Shinnoks out there? One is a head. The other...?


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Gotta remember to look back to this thread when the Shao Kahn trailer shows up! ....Or when the game releases, at this point.
I have a feeling Raiden will kill Shao Kahn once again. After all, Raiden is doing whatever he can to prevent another Armageddon.


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I would actually like to see Kitana finish off Shao Kahn. After the millennia of abuse, control, lies and deceit... having Kitana finish off Shao Kahn and take the throne for herself just seems so fitting! Also, it is a great parallel to the events of MKDA with the war between Shao Kahn and the Edenians. Maybe we can finally see a free Edenia in this timeline!
I just want Kahn to be hard to play so not everyone picks him up and it actually requires skill to play him.
I share these idealistic sentiments... But, with MK11 emphasising "accessibility" for all, it's unlikely any character will have an appreciably higher learning curve than any other. If anything, it will be those chars. that lack abilities that facilitate closing the gap, who will be hardest to win with -- not something Kahn's hallmark shoulder charge implies, nor any possible hammer / spear / eye bolt projectiles.

The best hope (for Kahn not being being an "EZ win" go-to character for casuals and scrubs), is if he is
S L O W. If he's S L O W, it will scare most off, due to the higher level of strategy that is inherently required with slow, heavy-hitter types. With many teleporters in the game, as well as projectile practitioners, a slower and bigger character could encounter problems (at low-to-intermediate skill levels / online).

It's kind of like the logic at play with Street Fighter's, Zangief: Even though his SFV incarnation is a pale shadow of his former self, the char. is actually quite dangerous in the right hands, and especially in the game's "death corners". However, because of the patience required to play him in many of the game's match-ups, the modern-day, rush-down gameplay reared player spurns the big Russki. This is where I think Kahn (presuming he isn't just a gimmick and borne out to be junk tier) has the best chance of "flying under the radar"...

You don't think they're going to show Shao Kahn gameplay before launch?
The Friday before launch, is my guess. Same as Goro / Darksied, if I'm not mistaken...
Kotal was a Servant of Shao Kahn and when Shao Kahn returns he will give up the Title (you can see it in the Intro Scene of Kotal vs Jaquie when she asks about his colour fading and he says the colour is only for Osh Tek Kahns (which means he no longer is Kahn).

MK11 will End with our current Corrupted Timeline being erased to the Point when all the Heroes are alive and not corrupted with a lil Downside that Shao Kahn is also alive and knowing how he dies which means he will be extra careful and pump up even more (thus the Dragon Power).


My predictions are

I think his core moves will be:

Shoulder Charge: regular will be safe with a lot of pushback, amplified will be + with a bit less pushback.

Up Shoulder: very fast startup but extremely unsafe.

Hammer toss: very slow startup but the hardest hitting projectile in the game. Amplified becomes unblockable

Taunt: can stack up to 3 times. Regular gives him dmg boost for a short period o time, amplified gives him 3 levels and armor on startup.

U2: his old up knee will make it back in the form of his U2 reversal/wakeup option.

U3: his energy shield will also make it’s way back as his U3 wakeup/reversal.

Fatal Blow: will be an extremely fast fullscreen charge fuck the neutral move and will do the most dmg out of all FBs in the game.

His walkspeed will be the worst in the game but he’ll have great long range normals to help him close the gap. He won’t be a combo heavy chaacter but every hit confirmed into amplified SC will do 25ish%. His pokes will be decent but on the slower side, but he’ll have some fast close range mids to force people to respect him, and his frame data will be very safe in general, with a lot of minor positive and negative moves. He’ll struggle to get in but once he gets his thing going it’ll be pretty hard to get him off of you.

Some of his gear will focus on his dragonish look, he’ll probably have fireballs and firebreath to help him in the long range game, but where I think NRS will get really creative is his taunt. He’ll have an abillitie that gives him armor on the next charge after a taunt and one where he loses the option to amplify the charge and loses extensions on some of his strings but gains the option to cancel them into a safe taunt like Brc’s drinking mechanic.


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Mid Range character, good hit confirmable normals, command grab, chunky damage. Oh and please let me give him a cape.