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Video/Tutorial Shang Tsung ( Morph) Combos 51%-67% (Vol.3)

Man, I gotta say I love the style in your videos, for part 4 you should do the resets using morphs, I was able to do them for Cyrax morph(~100% and this one is stylish a you turn back into Cyrax when you reset them with a soul steal), Smoke morph( I only did about 80% one but 100% is possible as well), Jax morph(~90% corner reset), Cyber Sub-zero morph ( ~70%) and I have also seen JAP's video for resets using Quan Chi morph (uses Ex Up Skull , i think it's about 80% maximum)


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Ok thanx for the tips bro. I will trying it by making my Part 4.

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Kanaida (MK9 Dashboard for android)
I did a really cool one by accident with reptile as a tag partner. did his tag ball, he jumped over both it and me. I did a f4,3,4 exGS, then dash forward and combo him going backwards with another f4,3,4 right into reptiles slow ball we forgot about and kept it going with ground skulls ;) i love funny accident combos.


Kanaida (MK9 Dashboard for android)
Another thing you can try is ermacs fireball. It can hit twice, the person skips on it like a skipping stone:
b1,2,1, ermacs tag fireball, exGS. Might be able to do something with that.