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Shang Tsung Brutality Easter Egg - NINJAS !!!!


Mr. Righteous
You must be a real joy to be around IRL.
Don't mind the assholes on here. Not everybody is like that :)

haha no worries my dude, at first more luck than judgement, but had to share ! ENJOY !!!
Soooo i actually tried this on my stream yesterday and this was the result. IT WORKED! Thank you very much again for this!



"Feel the wrath of Shao Kahn"
i am a huge fan of hidden stuff like this, i also try to find as much as possible in the game
while i was searching here i found this thread
and someone was sad for no reptile and no satisfying answer here? let me jump in

Reptile: L2+R2+2
Sub Zero: L2+R2+1
Scorpion: L2+R2+4
legend ps4 layout: 1=square 2=triangle (3=X) 4=circle L2=stanceswitch R2= Block
note: L2+R2+3 is nothing(1/2020), already checked

the only problem is that it always shares his "transform" ending with his second ending
(meaning you cant force to look like a classic ninja all the time if you want to, which is sad
if i hold the buttons pre endscreen, it should force this ending all the time, if you ask me)

ps: while i am here
please make his parry (souleater) also a brutal, *classic splash kill - and no stupid requirements (just hold down)
(*like shao kahns hammerjump (D,B,4))