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SFV DLC characters leaked!


In regards to whether or not Poison is transgender, apparently the reason for this was because Capcom was afraid that feminists groups would sue if you could beat up women. It's interesting considering that you beat up women in the Double Dragon games and those came out around the same time as the Final Fight games. No feminist groups complained about that.

Sound like they were just working themselves up for a scenario that most likely wouldn't have happened.


Lucia always looked generic, but she was easily the best thing about FF3. I love how they brought back so many of her moves from back then, while also giving her a couple of new tricks. I think I'm most interested in her tbh

Poison, everyone's favorite lgbt icon is back, and looking thicc. Not too fond of the hair, but they clearly are inspired by her original FF look. Her moveset seems a lot more interesting now than her boring shoto gameplay from SF4. This time she actually uses her whip.

Honda is honda. Not for me, but expected to join eventually.