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SFV DLC characters leaked!


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Steam did an oopsie (no surprise there), and unintentionally released the trailer for SFV's new DLC pack! I've got all the juicy details! Capcom, bless their soul, actually released the extended character trailers and added the character to the Official website's roster along with all their moves. To say I'm hype for Lucia is a big understatement.

Yo like they legit added Cassie to SFV. Now if NRS would give that battle costume to Cass, all would be right as rain.

Character move lists:
Extended Trailers:
The DLC is set to release August 4th, just before Evo. You can buy them individually for 5.99$ or buy it with 100, 000 fight money. But if you want them all, you should wait until August 5th where you'll be able to buy the 'Summer 2019 Character Bundle' for 14.99$!

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The video link is broken, but the characters are:
E. Honda
Lucia (new character from Final Fight 3)

Kinda sucks that it got leaked right before EVO though. This was going to be one of the major announcements there, but now people know it's coming.
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I haven't touched SFV since they put ads in the game... But Poison looks absolutely awesome, one of my favourite Capcom characters, and I like what I see with Lucia's gameplay as well. Kinda reminds me of Blair from Fighting EX Layer, another fave of mine.

So... I might have to try them out once they're available.
GDI Capcom...