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Seeing Double BNB

I havent being able to find anything regarding this variation does anyone have the combos breakdown like they have for DS

I really don't do many combos with SD, except in the corner where he gets most damage. Some of the few I use are:


113 + slide mb
B1 1+3 + slide mb
B1 + slide mb
B3 + slide mb
212 + tp
F221 + slide mb


212 4+db4 d1 113 + shadow tackle
113 + slide mb d1 113 + shadow tackle
F221 + db4 d1 b1 1+3 shadow tackle

In the corner try to condition them between 112 & 113 + slide mb or 11 + slide mb. The important part is to stack 10 shadow specials for shadow tackle KB.
Also adding a good bnb for the corner:

B3 + slide mb d1 d1 113 + slide mb

You will stack 4 shadows with this combo alone.
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fr stack

Noob's saibot or noob saibot's?
The real question is can we do 2 slide amplifieds kombos into a 5TH slide gonna try this shit today lol


Prince of Edenia
His optimal midscreen is

212, dash, f221 - ender

exslide 299,25
exshadowtackle 284,49
shadowtackle 258,09
slide 252,20
KB exshadowtackle 387

This is much better than 113 so 212 should be his main punisher in this variation.
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