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Video/Tutorial - Balanced Save Balanced Kenshi (with video)


So, a lot already know that kenshi's worst variation is balanced, and with good reason. I have to say this character is flat out incredibly fun and stylish to play. But he really does "suffer" from his design alone. There are so many flaws that I discovered in just the small amount of time I've been playing him that I see why this character had thread after thread begging for help. So guys I took it upon myself to give it one more try for our beloved kenshi community and made this. I'm not asking for buffs, although competitively he could use some tweaking as well, but I just wanted to point out the flaws within the toolset he was given. I hope it helps and it's not to late for him to stil get treatment ;). Check it out below:

@Tim Static @Pig Of The Hut @coconutshrimp @ismael4790 @all other kenshi mains I might have missed....sorry.



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If chance presents, I'll vote for Kenshi to be fixed with those hitboxes. I would love to main him, cuz of my sport, but I heard a lot about Kenshi being broken to the bottom, so I didn't main him. If they fix him, I'll start learning him.
He's got similar problems with possessed as well. Rising karma (I forget what the possessed version is called) will straight up whiff when your opponent is standing in your face and his bf3 has terrible tracking compared to how well balanced kenshi's teleflurry tracks against opponents running towards you. But honestly we're pretty far into the life cycle of mkx and I doubt nrs will ever fix these issues.



This video is pure GOLD.time to fix Balanced. but i still Consider Balanced A tier @ismael4790 . i can't wait to see what awesome Buffs NRS will give him this time.
I agree, I feel he's a solid character. He just lacks bull sh**, which the majority of the cast has. And the BS he does have just negatively effects his game. :(

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Poor Kenshi, this is just as bad as Hat Trick, so many inconsistencies, juggle issues, random moves whiffing, or random moves whiffing after the first hit.

WTF, pray to lord Paulo, but don't get your hopes too high, i've ready myself to not get salty if Hat Trick doesn't get the love from NRS.

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Hattrick claps his hands *Welcome to the club Kenshi, please take a seat but first raw is mines and Unbreakable was here before You* ah, remember to sign at the reception, Unbreakable Sub will guide You through the process. Fisticuffs will show You the way - he's been eating dicks up his ass since the day we started the Club! But hey, it seems You fit the spot just about right.