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I have 2 matches recorded, 1 where I lost against a liu kang and the other I won. I am not comfortable with the DB4F inputs yet so I haven't been doing them in matches. I tend to stagger with most characters and aim when I hop attack. Thats just my style. Hopefully I can react to strings hit confirming and convert them into combos but I'm not there yet.

This is the video I lost

And this is the one where I won

I want to know things need work on & things I'm doing okay at. Thanks for reading.


Pretty much what Orochi said. For some reason you input the whole string before the first hit even reaches the opponent. You hit him with F2 like 3 or 4 times where you could hit confirm F21 into launcher. Since you are playing Splitting Hairs this is very important because damage is it's main thing. Against better opponents who can flawless block you'll also need scream cancels. That B34 stagger you like doing so much needs it because that itself and both enders are unsafe. And you need to master that DB4F too like you said. If you can't do all that maybe V3 would be better for you. Also, S4 is a knockdown, 32 on hit and for some reason you back away instead of pressuring him. You can get a cross up that beats his U3/U2.


You're not using her variations abilities. Splitting hairs excels at combos and thus damage. You never hit confirmed the F2 string into Hair Kut amp. Also he rolled once and punished your F2 really hard. Anticipate the roll again if the first time he done it he got rewarded with a huge punish, he will try it again.

Liu Kang specifically parried your attack about 3 times. Your go to move in that situation is her B2 to counter his parry with a low attack and get a full combo using F4, Hair Kut amp, ender.
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Looks to me like maybe you should try a new variation. You seem to not be using the unique tools much, so why pick it?

Also, and no offence I'm just trying to be constructive, but you are not really comboing with her much, and that variation it is kinda her thing. I think maybe you should swap to a variation that is less about combo damage.

Finally, as you are learning combo gameplay, you are really predictable, hence all the parries. Switching to a less combo heavy variation would allow more variety in your footsy play and make you less easy to counter, as you would not be doing the exact same string every time trying to get good at that one combo.


Nice. Thoughts on it? I been using it a lot lately and managed to pull off the air combos in one match so far. Very difficult but rewarding.
I'm still trying to determine wether or not its a practical variation or not. There's nothing wrong with an execution heavy variation but those loops combos are very dependent on her J2. Which has zero vertical hitbox. Nonetheless, this might be my main V cuz V1 is everyones go-to and i already have Cetrion if I want to zone.


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Not bad, just work on more fundamentals in practice and with a spar buddy if you can. Nice matches though.