Returning 3d era characters, MK11 villains and most wanted characters : Netherkast round-up

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By Charybdis on Apr 6, 2018 at 10:08 AM
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    It seems that MK11 fever is starting to take hold of the NRS scene. Want proof? Well, look no further than TYM's favourite podcast, the Netherkast!


    This week alone, intrepid host Cyborg has put together three videos speculating on MK11: returning 3d era characters, possible villains for MK11 and, not least, the most wanted characters according to a fan poll conducted by the Netherkast itself!

    Frost? Hotaru? Havik? Kobra (a guy can dream)? What 3d era characters are in with a shout of returning to center stage for MK11? Answers below!

    Onaga? Dark Raiden? Shang Tsung?????? God, please let it be Shang Tsung. The world needs Emperor Shang.

    Last but not least, what are the most demanded characters by the fans themselves? Many of you guys voted on the poll, now see the results here!

    Mind blown by all that speculation or want something to listen to while you lie motionless on your bed after a long damn week? Check out the return of the Graveyard Shift! One of my personal favourite series', this series features Netherkast hosts shooting the breeze in the early hours, talking about everything, anything and nothing. For what it's worth, I'd say the Graveyard Shifts hold up incredibly well, from discussions on Friday the 13th, Batman, the direction of Mortal Kombat and the ethics of ****ing your cousin.

    No, I'm not providing any context for the last one.

    Check out the incredible back catalogue of everything Netherkast here:

    And as always, check back to TYM for all the latest on Mortal Kombat 11 and the everything NRS!
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Discussion in 'Podcasts, Shows & Archives' started by Charybdis, Apr 6, 2018.

    1. Braindead
      Great choices on the returning 3D characters picks. Good video.
    2. Skedar70
      I honestly think Kenshi was probably the only character worth saving from the 3d era. The rest seemed terrible to me.

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