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RetroCade stage has....

Stephanie said in twiter the back of yhe stage will change automatically
Tnx for notifying us. This makes music accuracy to the original stages unlikely but maybe they made it work. Hope it doesn’t rotate too fast though. I’d like one stage background per round.
Why stop at stage backgrounds? I know a lot of fans who would like to see character select screens, specifically this one:

That music!
I’m disappointed they didn’t take this opportunity to fix the worst background and select screen MK has ever had. They didn’t feel the need to change anything so don’t think we’ll see changes in the future. Maybe customisation in terms of music, I hate the current one, but I don’t see anything else.
When they start having in-person tournaments again it would be hype as fuck to have a retrocade set up at the tournament. It's just a few big screens and some projectors, feels like it would be totally doable.