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Reptile infinite inputs

Okay so I've been practicing this combo on and off for at least 3 years to sometimes get 2-3 volleys I've decided today I want to get the timing perfect and j need to know the inputs ? (Sorry if this shouldn't have Been posted I figured this would be the best place to come ask though) are the inputs and tell me where I'm going wrong so is it lphp b hp f.lk? Please help me I've been wanting to mater this combo for quite some time now any help is appreciated and once again sorry if this should of not have been posted!
The bit I'm lost at is buffering the go into the elbow dash (bf low kick) I've tried other ways but they don't see substantial @Shock I hope you don't mind me tagging you big ml influence btw but if you could help me with this is much appreciate it and yeah mkx is a great game shame I sold my xbo :( not sure if I tagged shock properly either still kinda new guys
Tbh the numbered system would be more beneficial if explained that way since now that I've picked fighters up I know mkx numeral games likes sf confuse me but Mrs numeral system I can read easily anyone?
Please someone help? I'm willing to pay money to the guy that can teach me how to do at least 3-4 volleys I'm that desperate and yes when I say I've practiced it on and off for 3 year I have it's as if I'm an I Felipe sub species of human that will never pull it off lmao but in all seriousness someone help me please?
Thanks shock I appreciate your reply it's just buffering the run cancel I have trouble with either a low kick comes out or it just doesn't happen I have the guide you've written printed in a piece o paper but I'm still stuck
I still can't do this been practicing every day for 4 days help me please someone I've decided to switch to the hp hp dash hp hp dash lp lp dash and so on combo but my main problem is low kick comes out instead of the dash I know for sure I'm pressing b f lk or at least I'm 99% positive I am I get paid tonight so if someone could teach me this combo I'll pay them no joke I'm that desperate I've been trying since 2012 and it comes out a big mess please help guys
you must wait the punch hit correctly before execute b,f lk....too early, the hp is cancelled by the dash and too late,the dash is too slow to continue the combo...
a tip for beginning:
vs jax: pop up combo ,forceball hp,hp(highest possible) dash hp,hp(highest possible) ....if the character stay high in air,continue only with hp,hp..on last volley,if jax is not high enough,use lp,lp before the last volley...
don t forget to hold good timing to cancel hp with dash..(not too fast!)