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Representing the "Scream Queen" (Sindel Mains)


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If i were you, I'd counterpick Puttana, she's a bitch for sindel
XD True words.

I hate fighting Kitana with Sindel, her F2,1 and Jump Kick~Fan are so annoying when she closes space. Sindel has a big hitbox? It seems like that her Low Fireball, D1 and D3 gets stuffed by jump in cross over punches. It must be her big hair! >.<


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Ok I'm bringing my ghetto sindel to final round.

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Yea I'm going to get killed hardcore tomorrow. I hope I don't get on stream. I keep making sindel look weak. Mr. Mileena needs to get to a major and win with her.

***edit I give up. Playing on pad sucks for me. I can't do my moves or wake up. So I'm full of excuses Ofcourse. I was going to use noobes stick but right as they called my name for my last match noobe walked away. :(

So depressing. Fighting games aren't for me clearly.

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went 3-2 at mlg. fought 4 smokes. 1 lao. CDJr put me into losers. Was eliminated by wafflez from GGA. All the chicago people had to fight each other ;(


I was on my friends house and I played Mr. Mileena online. Honestly, no one is ready for this character. I want him to go to an offline tournament and blow up people with her so bad.


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I have to admit, I wouldn't thought in a million years I would even pick Sindel. However after using her the past few days I've fallen in love with her! I love her approach to the fight and her levi cancels are alot easier than I though. I played her the other day at an offline session we had in town. I was doing really well with her to the point I was getting the most wins with her. So I guess I'm saying put me down for the scream queen =)

Sindel, you got me feenin........


that's right...BOW DOWN TO THE QUEEN OF SCREAM!! revel in the glory of her multiple mid-screen, 40%-44% damage, no meter combos! bask in the glow of her endless deadly projectiles. behold the rapture of her wake-up game and her underrated rush-down capabilities.

good move, gentlemen. :)


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Here at ect. But I'm really going to get my ass kicked. Playing online does not help prepare some one :/. Hopefully I win atleast one game.

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ME PSN and XBL CaptainJFA on both: Tournaments using Sindel : TX Showdown(2-2), Comicpalooza(1-2) yeah i got blown up at both 18th and 17th MY secondary character is Nightwolf thats where i go running if i need armor


Let's see how long this lasts...
Hmm... I never posted here haha :p

XBL = CanadianBacon X (however I haven't renewed it so, I can't play online xD)

Tournaments using Sindel = MAT went 0-2 like a scrub :p