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[Report] Wrong ingame movelist framedata


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I want to list here wrong framedata I found, to make "developers" aware and maybe it will get fixed in the future.

[blocked/flawless blocked] f22 (low) - Movelist data: -13/23 - Ingame data: -6/16
[EDIT: works as intended, if blocked from far, its ingame -13/23]
Kung Lao:
[flawless blocked] Wakeup u3 (mid) - Movelist data: -8/13 - Ingame data: -8/8
Sub Zero:
[blocked] variation rising ice d,b,3 (mid) Movelist data: -4 - Ingame data: -24
Shang Tsung:
[blocked] corpse drop d,f,3 (OH) Movelist data: -22 - Ingame data: -17 (you cant block active frames in air)
Note: These "errors" are also on the very nice "Kombat Akademy.com" website, learning wrong framedata is always misleading. (It makes the difference on punishable or not)
Note2: My founds are all on PC, so maybe its not on console? (can't test it tho)
Note3: If you found wrong framedata too, I will add them in this overview.
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Saltea Moonspell

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I will never forget how the FD use to be dug in MK9 by this community. It is some serious work, and commitment to do. Too bad the MK11 train has left the station already.

I know, I am like you, hoping, waiting...like many others.

From where I come from we say "Hope is a mother of fools, but she loves her children". Lets keep fingers crossed!


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Geras' F22 is like a projectile, it comes from behind the opponent. When done from the range that that projectile starts, it is -13.

Lao being Lao I guess