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Video/Tutorial Raven's BGB's


Kuff Bano
Okay this is the last tech I'll be spamming these forums with for a while.

I find j3, f2 to be a really easy convert for BGB's while also giving it a high damage starter which is what, IMO, has been lacking in combo threads etc. Furthermore, by doing so you delay the meter usage which is helpful if your opponent is likely to clash (they have to wait longer or you'll have one more bar) or if you're just about to gain that much needed bar as compared to if you start the combo with j3, d1, singularity for 1% extra. These combos are dependent on where you perform the bounce but the difference is not huge.

I know this is all probably known but I feel there are some sub-optimal bgb usage floating around+I like videos that clarify stuff. Raven's ability to switch sides with f22u1 is huge for optimizing the bgb usage.

1-2: 43% meterless with j3/2 starter
3: 42% meterless with side switching and j2 starter
4-5: 39% meterless with j3 starter, ending in crossup/non-crossup setup
6: 38% 1 bar after a half screen soul crush
7: 50% 1 bar after a j3 starter
8: 57% (41%+16%) swaggy combo with side switch and OTG after j2 starter

The last one is for @Sami

@OG Mannimal
@AK RM Dream Sword