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    This entire post is straight facts.

    I would argue that RT has significant value as a resource (although I would also argue that Metacritic's metrics are better; the fact that a movie can receive a 100% score on RT simply because every critic rated the movie a 6/10 is kind of broken, IMO). The fact that RT scores are typically posted next to any place where movie tickets are sold is what ultimately leads to a valuable resource becoming another set of handcuffs on creativity in the movie industry. That and the fact that I have very little trust for movie critics, anyways, for many of the same reasons you have already stated.

    That said, in the era of premium television, TV critics are on fire right now. They are the only group of critics in any medium of entertainment whose opinions and ratings I tend to place any trust or stock in, which makes RT and Metacritic extremely valuable in terms of helping to imfom which new programs I will be watching, and which I will choose to pass on. I only discovered this inadvertantly when I found that their ratings and my opinions were a near perfect match, down to which shows I felt were the best on television (currently The Americans) and which popular shows were still good, but also significantly overrated by popular culture (Game of Thrones). It was pretty crazy, tbh. Many of them also write up reviews of each episode, where they offer up some pretyy high level literary analysis, which is especially nice because credible literary analysis, and giving enough of a shit to even engage in it, is an important practice that I feel is on the verge of exntinction within our culture right now.
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    He went from the punisher pretending to be Batman to a shitty comic relief character. I’m honestly so sick of the Frank Miller Batman, it’s an okay ELSEWORLD Batman, but not our main Batman. I prefer one that values human life. The Dark Knight Returns would be a good movie AFTER we have an established Batman we give a fuck about, but it’s a horrible way to introduce him. Like fuck, Logan wasn’t the first movie with Wolverine. This Batman is just borderline evil in BvS and useless in Justice League, they totally missed what Batman actually is.

    And Zach Snyder doesn’t understand Superman. He spends the whole movie jacking off to this Jesus metaphor when that’s not even the point of Superman. “Superman” isn’t what makes him interesting, at his core he is Clark before he is Superman. People find the character unrelatable because Snyder doesn’t understand Superman. Superman/Kal-El is unrealabte but Clark is relatable to everyone. He’s a guy from small beginnings who wants to do the right thing, just like almost everybody, except he has the ability to do something. My favorite part of any Superman comic is a scene where he stops and takes time to talk someone out of jumping off a building and committing suicide, that’s what Superman is about, it’s not all 100% Micheal Bay jizz fest. Instead of the Superman who loves people and does the right thing because he WANTS to we get this boring asshole who spends the entirety of BvS moping around because he doesn’t know if he even should save people and it’s like saving people is just an obligation. Fuck these movies
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    For sure! As far as character development went in that movie, Riddler/Nigma had tonnes of awesome scenes, Two Face literally got a 10 second catch-up on the news. I remember it being kinda hilarious, even as a child.
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    Yeah, well not sure about punisher but I know what you mean lol. Batman has killed in the books before depending on the universe, era or story. Vanilla 30's Batman killed people lol very much like Snyder's Batman did initially, dude hung people from the Batwing. I mean that's pretty damn hardcore lol. I have to say though Snyder is the only one to get the comic Batman in terms of how he fights right, dead on. Bale's felt way too defensive and looked weaker compared to Snyder's Batman. And Keaton's I'd say was in between, not quite as comic accurate as Affleck's but better and more experienced than Bale's Batman. I guess it's all preference though when it comes to favorite Batman, I've read every one of them loved and hated lol. For various reasons.

    But yeah I agree about the comic part, felt forced. Which i hated, Flash I can see since he needed friends, was a nooby even though they mixed up Ginger Wally West with Barry Allen in terms of personality. I thought Batman was helpful in JL with his smarts and money purposes but yeah, I mean he's also Batman so I guess they figured when put next to these other Godly characters how do make him work but yeah I agree, he should have been the leader at least IMO. It's like ok he was mostly responsible for bringing everyone together but they pretty much made WW the front and center character before Superman shows up. I get the whole redemption story with Bats but they made him take too much of a backseat so I hear ya.

    Yeah I know the Snyder's view on Superman is very controversial. I personally loved MOS, but I understand what you're saying. I mean he could have have written Supes more positive and like he was in JL once he came back a while ago. That I agree, however I also believe he took influences from the darker comic stories like when he snapped Zod's neck(most casuals had no idea he did that and has even killed in the comics at times but he has when he's had little choice) and New 52 a bit, with the unsure, edgier Superman. I hear ya on the Jesus thing, though I personally didn't take it as much to heart as some people(and I'm a Christian for what it's worth) but I can see why some people would have issues with that "savior" and all that. I'm not sure I would compare Snyder to Bay though, I mean Bay totally butchered the Transformers at times(some movies more than others) but he got Prime right at least and is all about explosions. Snyder has quite a few gems honestly regardless of his DC controversy. I felt 300, Watchmen, MOS and Dawn of the Dead were great movies and successful. I would even take him over Whedon(who has quite a few flops but nobody talks about it cause you know "OMG MaaaVel" lol

    But on the Superman changes I know some people don't like this, I can understand wanting a more uplifting, positive looking Superman to look up too however I can also understand a more realistic take on Supes. If he were real, he probably would be looked upon more like MOS and BVS than say Reeve's Superman where "omg cool alien here to save us, let's watch him fight Zod and company in the street" lol I mean I get it the 70's were campy but that was very unrealistically executed. Even the comics are wayy more realistic, he cares for people he should tell people to get off the street at least lol. I think honestly Superman what he's for I agree, he should have more scenes of hope like from that comic. Although I can accept a darker, more unsure Superman at the same time. I don't think he should be all brooding like Batman however I also don't feel he should be like Reeve's super happy go lucky Superman either. If you know what I mean. I think his core values are like you were saying, have him be a sign of hope and positivity but realistically executed. That view I liked honestly. Not saying I like emo Supes but I also am not a fan of campy Supes either you know? I think there has to be a in between while upholding the character's moral compass.

    Thanks, very well said dude. yeah I am not as familiar with metacritic as RT's reputation but then like I said I don't really take any of them that seriously you know? You're right, but eh I could live without RT lol I just wish the so called "professional movie critics" in general were more objective and less biased but I fear this will never happen. Exactly like if someone is unsure, why influence them with what someone else or site says? Ther reasoning could be very different from judging the movie than yours you know?

    Yeah I have seen some clips of GOT, looks like a solid show reminds me a bit of LOTR meets MK, lol. Maybe because of that darker lore of fantasy mixed with violence I don't know but definitely looks cool. I never read the books though. The Americans I heard was good but have no idea what it's about, I heard another show called American Gods is also good. Yeah I think shows imo have a better general feedback than movies do now days. One thing I will say for me at least, IMHO I don't see any show out there as being the absolute "best" on TV or Cable whatever, there's simply wayy too many I think the show is either solid or not and series worth investing your time in or not. There's a lot of great shows and a lot of shitty ones and mediocre ones. Then there's one that start off meh but gradually get better but get canned that make you scratch your head(Constantine for example) That's pretty much how I view TV, Platform shows(prime, netflix etc)

    I mean if you take comic shows for instance, I think it's no secret DC is more successful than Marvel in that medium. Not to say Marvel has no good shows, I know a few of their netflix shows aren't bad that I've checked out but they also had flops like Inhumans and Iron Fist, Agent Carter to name a few offhand. DC is pretty much killing it on TV now between the CW shows, Preacher(amazing show btw), Krypton(also really good) and to think later this year we'll get DC Universe platform with Titans, Young Justice Season 3, Swamp Thing, Doom Patrol and God knows what else. I think it'll do well plus if they're smart WB will put on every DC show ever made on there from the 66 Batman series to Smallville to every current show's previously done seasons.

    Like youtube red is probably the least popular right now, but I have to say Cobra Kai is amazing if you're into the KK lore. That show is easily their best show on the platform.

    @BurdaA I hear ya man lol, Jim did play a great Riddler no doubt I see though Two-Face did seem and feel like the secondary "goofier" villain in that movie lol.
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    I can actually see Jim Carey playing Carnage well maybe a few years ago, he's older now but he did play a great Riddler I admit. If they do indeed do Carnage I think the guy from Watchmen who played Rorschach could be good or the dude from Dexter.

    Anyway, first MK movie was 9/10 easily the best vid game movie(not just saying that cause I love MK) it's just that good compared to the other gaming films out there. MK A though ehh was like a 6.5-7/10, they pretty much said "fuck source material" and threw it right out the window...

    How about this movie?
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    A closer role to Carnage by Jim Carey would be like his role in the Mask I think. He could probably but i dunno

    As for that Doom movie, I can barely remember it. I remember enjoying it, but I was younger. I didn't agree with the reviews shitting on it at the time, but being older now I might feel otherwise. I thought the cast was cool
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    It's a lot better than people say, like a lot of movies that tend to get shat on but I would say it's some where in the middle of vid game movies. It's not the best but not the worst either.

    Ok how about for whoever posts next this one.
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    Batman Begins - 9
    The Dark Knight - 10
    The Dark Knight Returns - 8

    Man of Steel - 3
    Batman v Superman - 1
    Suicide Squad - 5

    Spider-Man - 5
    Spider-Man 2 - 7
    Spider-Man 3 - 3

    Iron Man - 8
    The Incredible Hulk - 4
    Iron Man 2 - 5
    Iron Man 3 - 3
    Captain America: The First Avenger - 6
    The Avengers - 7
    Guardians of The Galaxy - 8
    Avengers: Age of Ultron - 4
    Doctor Strange - 7
    Guardians of The Galaxy Vol. 2 - 6

    X-Men - 6
    X2: X-Men United - 7, I had a crush on Rogue when this movie came out
    X-Men: The Last Stand - 6
    X-Men Origins: Wolverine - 5
    X-Men: First Class - 6
    The Wolverine - 3
    X-Men: Days of Future Past - 8
    Deadpool - 7
    X-Men: Apocalypse - 5
    Logan - 7

    Those I didn't quote I either didn't watch or forgot too much about to vote.
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    I think Woody Harrleson is going to play Cletus Kasady in the Venom movie. He’s part of the cast but they haven’t said who he’s playing.
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    Awesome, he'd be a really good on screen adaptation of Carnage. It's a bit early to just assume Carnage is in the movie yet though right? But he would be good if so
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    I don’t think they will have Carnage in it, but I definintely think Cletus Kasady will make an appearance, even if it’s just a cameo. They will save Carnage for part two, which I think is risky because there’s no guarantee the movie will be successful enough to warrant a sequel.
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    good points
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    Re: Doom...

    I fucking love Karl Urban.

    Not know why but ever since Legendary Journeys of Hercules, whenever he shows up (particularly as lead), I refer to him as Karl the whole way through, and it can be a terrible movie, but I’ll love it anyway.

    The Raid remake was amazing!
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    Wow thanks for taking the time to rate all those movies, haha I actually think Anna looks better now than then. But I always had a thing for Jean Grey(Famke Janssen, her legs are beyond amazing)

    That's true, he's a great actor though maybe a tad older but I think they could get away with it. The comics he looks like he's in his 30's maybe early 40's ish but I think that's not that big of a deal if the actor fits.

    Same, Karl Urban IMO would make a great Batman.

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    Ok, I enjoyed this movie for an alternate view of Constantlne will say 8/10 because aside from looks did a pretty good job of what the character's about.

    How about this one?
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    Watch for Michael Keaton and then drop it.

    Thanks for playing.
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    lol I agree pretty much the best thing about the film. Also, have you noticed Keaton has a thing for playing things that fly? Batman? Birdman? Vulture? (well not Beetlejuice) lol

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  18. I loved silent thill movie. The end was sooooo satisfying.
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    How about this movie
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    Also don't know why I didn't post this earlier:

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    So nobody saw SF Legend of Chun-Li eh? lol

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