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Raptor putting the beats on a trash talker with Frost


This guy is comedy. He used a breaker at the very last part of the combo at 1:17.

Edit: It's sad Raptor let him win match 2.

This guy is a moron. This kind of stupidity is special.

I love scrubs who cry about the same moves. Like they aren't doing the same, and why would you use shitty moves to try and win a match?

I haven't played online yet; is ranked 2/3 or something? I was sad to see him win match 2 because he seemed like a shit player. But if it's 2/3, it doesn't matter I guess!
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John Grizzly

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"So fuckin' broken"

It's Frost, for fuck's sake.

Also, this is why I miss arcades. This nerd wouldn't say shit in person, but he's a tough guy on the mic.

I didn't hear it the first 98 times he said it. Is Raptor being reported for modding?
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"Why's it do that??? Yeah, yeah... What the fuck?! It just did the meter by itself! I didn't press L2 or I mean R2 or whatever. Yeah, he's doin' somethin' to my connection..."
Oh man, my new favourite part is the d2 KB punish against his throw attempt.

Tutorials are our friends.

Honestly I don't ever remember people getting too angry or worked up in those days. Seemed less toxic.
I guess you never landed a throw in Street Fighter :^)

I was sad to see him win match 2 because he seemed like a shit player.
I'll assume that Raptor was handicapped by his own laughter.
is it just me or does he sound slightly like dragon?

Edit: Also one thing i never liked about this game is how if you react to a fb you still end up getting hit, like I know its cuz of when the armor becomes active but it always bothered me.


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Wait, just got to 4:07 in the video. This guy should be reported. I'd have instantly quit, reported, and blocked him. Completely unacceptable.