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Rains+Stryker/Cyrax Setups/Kombos (Water Beam Cancel 45.6% midscreen 1Bar)

You can do waterbeam cancels combined with Stryker grenades to extend grounded combos. Best part is you end them the same way you normally end his 32% midscreen combos but since these cancels are grounded before you launch him they don't effect gravity and greatly increases his BNB midscreen damage.

It's a little input heavy but a trick I use is ghosting the input of B+R1(Kameo) instead of BF1(waterbeam) I input B+R1 into F to make it input water beam off Kameo button. You have to input the Kameo at same time as water beam when starting with his F2 mid.
With the 211 string into cancels you input back Kameo before BF1 waterbeam input.
• F21~B+R1~F1~Forward Dash~F21~EX-DB1, JIP243, F2~DB3 (43% midscreen) works in corner as well.

• 211~B+R1, BF1~FDash~F21~EX-DB1, JIP243, F2~DB3 (40% midscreen/42% Corner)

You can also use these WB cancels to jail into mixup pressure when your opponent normally gets their turn back:
Once you get the Kameo+cancels into muscle memory you can do a lot of stuff with Rain/Stryker
Strykers Overhead and Low attacks are +6/+1 on block which is mad good with rains holes and range issue in neutral.

Hope this helps, if you have any tech that can improve this, definitely let me know
You can extend combos with Cyrax Forward Helicopter off his F21 string into F32, it's another Water Beam Cancel but it's easier execution because of the Kameo input.
• F21+[R1]xxBF[1]xxFDxxF32, B2xxEXDB1, JIP243, F2xxDB3[F] (39.9% 1Bar, 1Kameo)

Input Notation:
[?] = Hold Input
xx = Cancel into Special Move
EX = Enhance Special Move
JIP = Jump in Punch/U+F 2
R1 = Kameo button
FD = Forward Dash/FF

This is pretty important because Rain struggles past D4 range and his farthest reaching string is slow at 28 frames. This allows you to use your fast mid with dash cancels to have some safe neutral tools.
Cyrax also let's him combo off his F Throw with bar and back throw with helicopter and it's easier to convert in the corner if you do it when they are low to ground.
Cyrax also combos off his Up Geysers armored launcher.
Cyrax also allows him to setup HTB trap in corner with helicopter into charges BF1 then setup whirlpool and do either a throw that forces them into whirlpool launcher or F3 for HTB. The throw can stuff wakeup options

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Here's the corner setups with Cyrax into Charged Water Beam then drop whirlpool. It's tight timing but easier if you wait till they are low.
You can call Cyrax after F21 but it's strict timing to keep them from flying over you.
I use 11 Cyrax into Water Beam charge canceled off the 11 to allow me to hit them on drop so I can setup the whirlpool.

Here is the throw not working if they block low. Have AI set to auto block after combo:

It's not a HTB because it's easily fuzzyable.
The throw into toilet I do is not real, only works if they wakeup buttons, works on some armor not much but completely defeated by them blocking the whirlpool on wakeup because it puts them in a long hitstun where they can't be thrown.
It is a legit 50/50 with the F32/F3 Throw cancel
But they can delay wakeup and that requires a read and different timing
Still strong but not broken, at least high level players can easily Fuzzy the F32/F21 and possibly react to the delay before F3 Throw Cancel.
But you will probably murder people online with this, they don't seem to practice their matchups
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