Question Rain's Babality

Discussion in 'Rain' started by Kovu, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Kovu

    Kovu The Crownless King

    What do you think it will be?

  2. PND OmegaK

    PND OmegaK Drunk and Orderly
    Premium Supporter

    PND OmegaK
    He traps himself in his own water bubble or something obvious like that.
  3. Sage Leviathan

    Sage Leviathan UPR_Sarah_Silverman_

    He roundhouse kicks his leg out of place.
    Are they allowed to do that?
  4. shinzo123

    shinzo123 Noob

    He should cry his enemies a river.
  5. Jericho

    Jericho The most complete fighter

    For some reason, I can see him doing something like blowing a big bubble and having it pop on him, crying as he's soaking wet.
  6. Lyuben

    Lyuben Sinestro's might!

    He cries. A lot. Like streams of water. Lots of tears.
  7. TrickyNick

    TrickyNick Weather Man

    I bet he cries himself a bubble that he gets stuck in floats for a brief moment until it pops.
    Or he does a lighting bolt and begins to cry for being scared..something along these lines.
  8. Gurrry

    Gurrry Twitch - 12DollarStreamMonster


  9. Vilén

    Vilén too smart to play MKX

    That's already Raiden's babality.

    Rain's will be trying to summon a water bubble, getting trapped in it, having it pop, him landing assfirst in the dirt and then crying a literal river.

    Or getting trapped in his own water bubble and having lightning strike and pop it. Then he cries the literal river.

    Now you can end the thread.
  10. Tim Static

    Tim Static Adminerator

    RH kicks himself and keeps flying from one side of screen over and over as loud to soft to loud baby cries as it passes.

    SHOULD BE IT, but probably wont. :(
  11. He summons Rain but his dipper absorbs it and sags so much it causes him to fall over.
  12. Havik

    Havik Noob

    Kensh's was epic I trust rains will be better though, Oh I see it now he is taking a bath in a tub and when he pulls the cord he gets sucked away with the water
  13. Mikemetroid

    Mikemetroid MK Mythologies: Injustice 2
    Moderator Premium Supporter

    he fills a kiddie pool and starts swimming in it
  14. Vilén

    Vilén too smart to play MKX

    Even this guy's babality is boring as shit.

    He accidentally summons a small thundercloud over his head and starts crying.

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