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Rain Glitches/Bugs (hopefully they get fixed)

Portal Glitches:
The portal doesn't go away like it's supposed to if you use 114xxDB2(portal set) twice on top of each other. Then it's waiting until the portal disappears. It's supposed to use one portal per DF2(teleport).
The second glitch is that he doesn't port into the air and immediately goes to the ground and doesn't get his aerial attacks or Air OS (Input 3,slide fingers on 21,1) which does corner popup 32 into setups on hit and 211 on block.

The reason this is important is that Rain is normally -7 on most enders and portal cancel makes him -2 on block with 114xxDB2 and -4 on block using F21/211xxDB2.
This really hurts his corner pressure.
Obviously this is yet another glitch

Projectile Portal Glitch:
If you get hit while teleporting to a preset portal with any projectile while Rain is in the portal going to other side it leaves a Portal up that's not supposed to stay, it's not (DB2) set portal it's the temporary portal(DF2) to teleport to the previously set one: