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Rain/Cyrax Dirt (Potentially)

Here's what I found.
It's the same setup that Sub Zero Kameo gives where you force them into a hard to blockable.
You can throw them with whirlpool down to suck them in the whirlpool if they wakeup buttons, it beats some wakeup armors and other buttons.
But it's not unblockable, they can delay wakeup to get out.
The throw doesn't work if they block low on whirlpool so you have to delay it a pretty long time, so I like to use F3xxThrow cancel to get them in throw after delay. And for 2 Bars you can pop them up again to put them back in the setup.

It's obviously not a true HTB and not an Unblockable, it's reads on your part, if they guess right on the throw you eat 50%
On the whirlpool overhead mixup it's easily Fuzzy Guardable. But there is some mix and mind games. I think it's strong.