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Discussion in 'Raiden' started by Konqrr, Aug 7, 2011.

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    Use 1~vb. It's a bit difficult because it's a little slower than most jabs and the hitbox isn't particularly great for anti airs but it should get the job done. Other than that, use ex-shocker. Don't bother with d2. It's slow and the hitbox sucks and it doesn't get you much damage.

    Practicing aa's is hard. Your best bet is probably to go to training mode and turn on the ai. Space yourself properly and the bot should hop around a lot
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    First of, I dont main Raiden.

    1- standing 1 work fine (requires timing) with vb. Its not as easy as with Jax or JC nor Shang but it works, really!.
    2- if you dont wont to take risk just teleport, it is the safest way out.
    3- Ex Shocker dose well, but it cost one bar of meter.

    Bottom line, opponent will be jump happy only if You allow them to.
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    I really don't recommend getting into the habit of teleporting when people jump at you
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    If they're crossing you up or jumping in while you're on the ground you often end up teleporting in front of them and getting full combo punished. It also doesn't work well against characters with divekicks and other forms of air mobility. Even in situations where it does get you out safely you aren't gaining anything. They recover from the jump faster than you recover from teleport.
    It's not always a horrible idea, but in most situations where a teleport would be effective you're better off just back dashing(Raiden has an excellent back dash and it sets you up for b3). If you teleport every time they jump you're not discouraging them from jumping and eventually you'll get blown up for it. You're better off learning to anti air. As mentioned above, 1~vb isn't as easy to aa with as what other characters have but once you get it down it can beat jump-ins consistently. And if you really need to stop a jump-in there's ex-shocker.
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    this match-up should be updated
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    thanks for link
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