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Match-up Discussion Ra Helios (Catwoman) vs M2dave (Zod) old footage

Ra Helios

Omnipotent God-like Selina Kyle Player
@OG Mannimal we should play with our mains so I can put it on the catwoman Mu discuss thread specifically for raven. I know glass sword dont play this game


Zoning Master
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@General M2Dave, is this true? You play the CW matchup the same as you did a year ago?
While I definitely like to back dash a lot, no.

I played @GGA 16 Bit in Las Vegas and learned a lot.

The better question is, who posts one year old match up footage? This thread is embarrassing.

I am tired of Ra Helio's insolence. Top 3 fool on TYM and candidate for fool of the year.