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R1ps's Arena Season 3: EU/CIS PS4 League

R1p's Arena Season 3 starts this Monday, the 29th! Any EU/CIS PS4 players are welcome to sign up, though only wired connections are allowed. It's totally free to join and the payouts for Season 1 and Season 2 both exceeded $1,100, so what are you waiting for? For rules and more info, or to sign up, please visit R1p's Discord at https://discord.gg/uuXjpBYf8v


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An anonamyous donor has already donated $500 to the Season 3 pool!!! Both seasons 1 and 2 paid out over $1,100 each, and it's looking like Season 3 could be even bigger! If you're an EU or CIS region player on PS4, do yourself a favor and sign up! It's not too late!!! Just head to the Discord for all the necessary info. https://discord.gg/uuXjpBYf8v
Today is a very special day in R1p's Arena. Not only do we have our regular lineup of sweaty sets, but we're also hosting an insane NA vs EU 3v3 special including some of the sweatiest players from around the world duking it out for global MK supremacy!!! You will not want to miss today's stream, which starts 30 minutes early due to how jam-packed it is with MK goodness!!! See you at 12:30pm EST! STREAM LINK

Here's today's lineup, including a special set between Vendetta and Poptart!

Roethor/Damastir is sure to be insane, as is Disarted/Quinloo. It looks like we'll get a rare set between a master Baraka and a master Jax with Gollywomp/Peolo. Can't wait!!! Stream starts in a little over an hour (1pm EST). LINK
Today's lineup, with a special set between Dittle and Makoran! I'll be joining R1p on the mic, and rumor has it we may be getting a special visit from the one and only VGY...