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QuanChi's face model Shahjehan Khan - has a question for you.


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I'm kinda confused by the question- or why he'd ask others if it was worth it, when really o ly his judgmenthere matters. But if it was me. Hell yeah.

Being a face model is never gonna be some repeating lucrative contract, it's just too easy to find someone who'll do it for less and still fits the bill.

The face model for Eli Vance in Half Life 2 was famously just some dude Valve employees saw on the street with a "looking for work" sign.
I know I'm backing up all the way to the beginning, but it probably has very little directly to do with digging into his direct situation, and much more about using his situation to segue into a larger discussion the entertainment (and most other industries) are having to have about how much for how little AI is potentially allowing for. It's just a conversation starter.

Entertainment companies were looking to cop permanent likeness ownership rights for people off as little as being a background extra. In his case he probably knew what he was giving away at the time[,] though [now] the nature of the discussion and the scope of what it means is now much larger now. There are plenty of people feeling a way about that now that differs from a couple of years ago, and that might include feeling a way about him and not view this sort of thing as an "only his judgement matters" situation. Instead seeing as one where they all have some responsibility to not let physical and vocal likenesses be copied, stored and become automatic property of companies instead of assets and skills from the people they intrinsically belong to.

It seems like a reasonable entry into a complex discussion and understandable to feel uncertain the about choices made that might make someone want to have that discussion. IDK if any of that matters in the scope of the comment, but I think if I was in that situation, I'd want to be talking about these things too. It's kind of hard not to in a lot of industries
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TLDR your commie gobbledygook. This is a video game forum, not an avenue to promote or debate (shitty) political ideologies. Should have stayed on draft? Your tik tok tier quips are cringey and don't make you sound enlightened. They make you sound like a smug douche. Shuffle on back to reddit with the rest of the armchair activists.

Way to expose yourself as being too stupid to engage in the conversation.

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Not watched it yet, since it's late, long and I'm going to bed, but he's also the latest interview guest on the excellent Realm Kast show:

Dude got paid to get some pictures taken, got a rate for the work...and is not doing further work.

Yeah they can use his likeness from the game forever just the same way if an artist drew something the workplace they designed/drew it for can use that forever within the purview of what it was made for.

I don't even understand the problem.

Don't like terms, don't sign the contract. He is not adding extra value so why should he get paid more later on? He did not design Quan Chi. He did not develop the character. He had his picture taken (essentially). It's not much of a contribution. It's not skilled labor of any kind.

Pretty cut and dry.

He seems like a nice guy though from the interviews I've seen so kudos for not being a Hollywood douche.