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PSX MKT Combo Video - Stupid Noob



This is the latest video from Shock, ded_ and DreemerNJ at ultimatemk.com and darktemplarz.com. It is a short video abusing the exploit of Noob Saibot's Disabler move, but instead for the other characters who have special move limitations. It is a very broken move to begin with, and since no one would ever be dumb enough to backfire it, we decided to explore the combo possibilities.

We would like to see what other people can come up with so we've left a lot to the imagination, there are only 20 combos, but they are rather insane. Remember this is a glitch, because there is no reason for the combo to break just because the effect of the special move wears off, essentially game breaking. If anyone comes up with something cool, please post about it.

DreemerNJ has a nice new huge server and is hosting the video on there:


The video uses Divx 6.1.1, 45.6 megs, 3 minutes 33 seconds.

This was a fun video, nothing fancy, enjoy!
Great title. I knew about it reseting but never thought to reverse it for other characters. Loved the scorpoin combos.


Kital... Kabana... whatever, same thing.
Wow, I'll never look at Scorpion the same again.

Great vid, something new (to me, at least) and fresh for the 2D MK community. Good job guys.
I kept getting distracted by the song the first time, "it's like spitting on a fish"? So I watched it again, it didn't look much different but my god, that last scorpion combo...

4 Jump kicks, 5 connecting teleports?!?! I vomitted, wet my pants, then threw up again, in that order! More like 'Dare to be fucking amazing'

Overall it was actually fun to watch, rather me going like this :eek: the whole time , good job!


Yeah this one really packs a teleport punch even though it's so short. We left it short so the music could fit it more easily and so that we didn't waste a lot of time making boring combos. Now at least people can come up with their own.


Kital... Kabana... whatever, same thing.
I can't view the file...Putfile sends me back to the main page of it's site.



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haven't seen noob vi, neither dave's ones. but i remember Gadget Tsugaru telling me about this stuff months ago. i tried on n64. no luck. i'll check the vid and see if he can come up with more cool stuff. remember GT's snes preview on kofcolombia.com, Shock? he's got some skills.....
Fun video. What version of MK T was that played on? I am only asking because it looks fantastic. The namebars look clear and at times I thought I was looking at UMK3.

Cool video!
Yeah, that noob guy...

I know his midscreen infinite (tele-slam, punch, punch, punch, tele-slam) can't be done on all characters. I don't know if everyone is aware but it can be done on robo ninjas, and they are probably the hardest to do because their legs stick straight up.

It's got to be done like this: Teleslam, run in, LP, HP, walk forward, LP, Teleslam.

The first LP has to be canceled with HP, which also has to be cancelled. That's usually where I mess up. I accidently do the second cancel too soon and the HP doesn't come out. Otherwise the last punch is actually pretty easy.


I've gotten pretty close some other ways, but the last hit was OTG with sektor crouching. So there might be more possibilities. Did anyone else know this?