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PSA: Kronika/Krypt Event 4 - Shao Kahn "Master of the Lower Mines" skin

Located in Shang Tsung's Throne Room (11318, 203). Also contains Shao Kahn's "Wanton Violence" Emperor's Helmet.

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I have all the shit, it's not me I'm worried about. But there's plenty of others who've been playing this game for months, who missed out on content they've wanted since day one because of an arbitrary "timer"
This shit is ridiculous. It’s not available for long enough and appears to be the ONLY way to get them. Looking at the updated descriptions it just says ‘in the krypt’ unlike all other customisation options that specify exactly where in the krypt.

Fuck NRS.
Still so fucking pissed I missed Liu's Young Justice skin, the one I wanted the most. It better show up in the store soon.