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Probably Nothing .....


Nerf Everything. Gut Everything. No Fun Allowed.
But again, to each their own. I still be playing the next game regardless of who's in, though I just hope that Kitana and Mileena are base roster.
Yeh same. I hope the characters I enjoy are in the next game too.
Due to a tease or two it's possible Reptile will be there so I'll have that at least.
I really hope that we get a game that continues after Liu Kang's Aftermath Ending. I want to see the invasion of Edinia. We can witness the first tournament and the adventures of the Great Kung Lao and his battle with Goro. We could see the beginning of Taven & Deagon's Quest. The Liu Kang could fast forward to the Armageddon timeline and we can have the reawakening of Onada and Blaze. Then the hourglass and crown can be destroyed so we can be down with this time travel and finally advance the story.