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General/Other - Slasher [Pre-XL] Why Slasher Jason needs a Buff [Rant]

Buff Slasher Jason

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Ok, here's my rant on Slasher Jason.

I know I'm gonna get hate for saying this and I'm gonna get called an idiot etc but I really don't care. I've mained Slasher Jason since day one: the only real decent Slasher Jason tech or combos on here is by me: I've got countless vids with him on here and youtube (infinity world) and I feel like I'm therefore in a decent position to rant on this subject, so here goes.
Firstly, what most people point to when asking to buff Slasher is his nice damage. He does meter less 36% Mid screen from his F42 and 40% with the bar and slightly more for both in the corner (40% and 44%). Why is this supposed to be impressive when this is literally all he has? (Apart from his armour which is screaming for a punish unless its the end of the round) Most characters in this game do even more and then they can follow up with setups... Have you seen Tremors garunteed 13% ground pound after every combo...? Have you seen Ermacs meterless damage? Kung Laos damage (on top of all the other rediculous + pressure he has)... Predators 57% combos for 1 bar? I could go on...

His jump arc is certainly a problem and his speed in general. His legs hang down which causes him so many problems when trying to get close and therefore can be zoned out so dam easily.

Jason's main tool is his F42 which is a low/ovwrhead and gets fairly nice damage. This is punishable every single time! Once someone realises to block low/overhead, which is slow as fuck btw, it's over.
Jason's only mix up is his F2 into choke but this doesn't do much damage and can only be done when you're very close so the grab connects so from any range, you're screwed if it's a good player who rarely makes mistakesand and this should not happen.

If you're one of these people who is saying that Jason Slasher doesn't suck, then I ask you this. Can you name me me one player who has won any kind of major tournament with Slasher Jason so far? We've had reptile in top 8 evo for fucks sake...

I've recently been using Sonya blade more and I'm already doing so so so much better and beating players that I never previously did consistently, but I do want to stay loyal to my character at the same time.

I see there's a patch coming and I'm really hoping Slasher Jason gets something. I'm not a developer, but please at least make his low/overhead safe at least... I do know there are other characters and variations that seriously need buffs, perhaps much more so than Slasher (or normalised as we now say...) and there are many other issues to be addressed, but I'm just focusing on Slasher here cause it's the most frustrating for me lol ☺ so let's get that clear.

Sorry for the gigantic rant but this is just how I feel at the moment. If you dissagree and you think Slasher Jason stacks up so well against other charcters , then Instead of calling me an idiot in the comments, try to show me where I'm wrong.

Thanks and I'm intrigued to see how this game progresses because I do enjoy MKX a lot but it's satisfying to rant once in a while.
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