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Post your Nightwing tournament placings here


Nightwing In Retirement
Updated with SCR

How much Martian did you use @Sajam? I was stuck car shopping all weekend and couldn't watch
Played him twice against Tre, and against kprime full the second time.

2 matches out of pools, once in pools, once in top 8. So almost even but NW was who I played mostly


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Congrats to @AK L0rdoftheFLY for making it out of pools and repping Nightwing at FR, beating King, and KDZ in the process. Also shoutouts to Empr Murk, his Nightwing is a unique one that we can all learn from.
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They love my Grayson
Fly looked good, so did Murk.
We have a solid character so lets keeping work, these guys showed they can compete with the BEST out there.

That Fly vs KDZ match was one of Nightwing's best moments in the history of this game, thank you Fly!
Even though im late.
I came 2nd at Season 2 Birthright, and 3rd at some locals.
Also, 17th at Summer Jam.
Nightwing may be one of the hardest characters to hit top 8 with :( Lol.

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Team Torr

This is SJ's match where he lost in top 8. It was on November 12, 2013. He has since moved on to play Marvel and Street Fighter.