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Possibly Getting Nightwolf This THURSDAY!


He probably means there will be a fucking Kombat Kast on Thrusday featuring Nightwolf. It just doesn't feel right for him to drop with no patch or announcement, especially right before EVO...However, if this is how they are doing things over at NRS, something is very fucked up in that office.
imagine if right before evo they were like PATCH TOMORROW CUSTOM VARIATIONS! LETS FUCKIN GOOO!!!! :everyone freaks the fuck out. sonic fox mops everyonne with some infinite combo hes been keeping to himself with dvorah's custom move:
Boon is notorious for trolling, but this reads far too straight forward to doubt it.

Also if I was in the mood to get my hopes up, maybe it means they're saving something else for evo reveal (but probably not)
It would make sense to release him now to get some info before actually patching the game on the 13th, but it is probably just a trailer.
It's unlikely that Nightwolf is coming out Thursday. I'm pretty sure the PlayStation Store only updates on Tuesdays, and that's when NRS DLC usually drops.

It's most likely a trailer or Kombat Kast. I can see it being a stream, because they can talk about Nightwolf and also drop info for EVO similar to what they did with Combo Breaker.

Plus the leak said he's coming out on the 13th.
I really hope at least one or two DLC's have armored moves that tank a few hits, this would be a serious game changer vs the top tiers in this game currently. I actually enjoy the KK, I mean sure the belt bs is whatever but I like how they take the time for the fans unlike others in the genre who just do generic "here's this character on release date, have fun" What I like about NRS doing the KK is they give us a good idea how the character will play so if you didn't get the SP, Kombat Pack etc this is good for you especially in your decision plus they also do that play the character for free towers pre release to get you familiar and you can decide from there. Other FG need to take a page from NRS as far as things like this, story etc
I am really here for the Beyonce-esque-surprise dlc drop, but if we’re being realistic and having all NRS things considered, he’s referring to a trailer, which, saddens me greatly
Well this is going to be fun...

"Fuck Nightwolf is awesome!!

Now where the hell is Sindel... it's been all of 2mins since we got Nightwolf, i've already unlocked everything and figured out everything there is to know.

Damn NRS and making us wait for DLC that we paid for even though we didn't know what exactly it was or when it might be released.

I'm quitting this game because the DLC wasn't ready on release date..